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Tips for Your New Gym Workout

a man and a woman doing one-armed push-ups
A few months ago we featured a post about a new addition to our fitness center, a Peloton bike. We know, however, that biking isn’t for everyone, so we want to follow up with a suggested routine you may want to try out in the Windsong Place Apartments fitness center, weight room, or your favorite gym in the Williamsville, NY area. 

Did you make a resolution at the beginning of the year to make fitness a priority? Sometimes, it can be challenging to maintain a routine all year long. We’re halfway through the year now, so we thought a pep talk would be in order, but more than that, we’ve got some advice from TheoFit to help keep fitness in the forefront. Using TheoFit’s weekly gym routine for beginners, a four-week program to help you jumpstart your journey into getting fit, you’ll be able to build a foundation that will help you succeed in any future fitness goals. While the guide itself is pretty self-explanatory and equipped with detailed videos of each exercise, we wanted to highlight a few of TheoFit’s final tips to consider while following this guide. 

Remember that These Exercises Should Be Hard

Above all else, it’s important to remember that this workout routine should be challenging for you. If it wasn’t, how in the world could it help you become more fit? When you start to get used to a specific weight and you can complete all three sets with relative ease, it probably means it’s time to increase the weight. That’s one of the best parts about this workout routine: you can keep doing it virtually forever by continually increasing weight! 

Don’t Skip Any Days 

It’s crucial that you don’t take any days off, especially in the first four weeks of your fitness goals. Even though there are only five days listed on this guide, TheoFit suggests that even on your “rest days,” you should be doing a few exercises like push-ups or burpees and then going on a brisk walk. If you create a habit of setting aside time every day to exercise, it will help you get in the mindset that fitness is about making changes to your everyday life, and not just to the days you want.

Stay Off Your Phone 

Believe it or not, staying off your phone is a pretty important element to making fitness gains. You may need to use the timer on your phone, however. If that’s the case, then put it on airplane mode and use only the functions you need to, to enhance your workout. When you have other apps open or are constantly checking your messages, it destroys your intensity level and draws out your workout. Trust us on this one; it will do wonders for your gym routine! 

We hope our post— coupled with TheoFit’s guide— will give you all you need to start your first four weeks of recommitment to becoming fit —or maintaining your fitness level.  Thanks for reading our post!