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Keeping Your Cool When Temperatures Soar in WNY

thermometer showing high temperature

At Windsong Place Apartments, we believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to create a happy lifestyle. Taking care of yourself in the summer heat is an important part of staying healthy. This week, we hope you follow these suggestions for keeping your cool when Western New York temperatures soar and you must be out and about in Williamsville this month.   



Drinking lots of water has many benefits for your health, but one large reason to hydrate during the summer is so you can cool down. Filling your body with cooling fluids is a great way to reduce your body temperature and keep it cool. Your body has an internal temperature gauge that triggers body functions like sweating. Sweating uses water, so it’s important to keep that tank filled up so your body can cool itself down!


Ice your pulses.

Greatist encourages you to “pamper your pulses” if you need to cool down fast. Invest in a few ice packs if you get hot easily and apply them to your pulse areas to decrease your body temperature and relax the heart rate quickly.


Change your sheets.

Having your sleep area clean, fresh, and ready for a cool night is important, especially if your body tends to heat up easily! Change your thicker flannel sheets for those that help wick away sweat. Cooler sheets like linen, organic cotton, or even bamboo sheets can help you stay cool because they are breathable and soft.


Wear a Hat.

Keeping the sun’s rays away will reduce your chance of getting a sunburn (which translates into being overheated). Make sure you wear sunscreen too.


Hit the Pool

What better way to cool off than by soaking yourself with water? Spending a day at the pool on a sweltering day is a good way to stave off the heat. Head on over to our saltwater pool, just one of the amenities we provide for members of our apartment community. Make sure you prepare for a day at the pool by packing sunscreen, the right clothes, and an emergency first-aid kid (just in case).


Do you have good ways to beat the heat? We’d love to hear about it, so leave us a comment below! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!