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The Art of Letter Writing from Windsong Place Apartments

Person writing a letter with pen and paper

Celebrate Write a Friend Month here in Williamsville, NY this December. Today, Windsong Place Blog is sharing ideas about who to write to; plus we have some tips for how to write a meaningful letter. Not many people write letters anymore to friends and loved ones. Make time this month to change that and express your gratitude and love for that person. Find a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while and let them know you’re thinking about them. A simple text could maybe do the job, but a letter can mean so much more. You could also write a letter to someone you see often, but don’t express your gratitude to. Let them know how they’ve blessed your life and what kind of friend they are to you.

How to Write a Meaningful Letter

  • Begin with a salutation (typically what you normally call your friend, be that their full name or a nickname). After the salutation, tell your friend about what’s happening in your life. Include specific examples of things that are happening, and keep it on the light side.
  • Follow that up with questions about what is happening with them. Draw upon the things you have in common, the last interaction you had with them, and things you are genuinely interested in knowing.
  • End with a paragraph about what you appreciate about your friend. Again use a specific example, as specifics tend to feel better than a general “you’re awesome” — explain why you feel whatever sentiment. Be sure to include an invitation for your friend to write back.   

The wonderful thing about letters is that unlike a phone conversation or text, you can go back and read the letter for years to come. If you’re still feeling a little uncertain about actually sitting down to write, review this helpful guideline for writing letters then head to your favorite stationery supply place in WNY for paper, and get started! We appreciate all of the members of our apartment community! Thanks for taking the time to read our post.


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