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Start a Book Club in July

Windsong Place Apartments Blog, Williamsville, NY  This month we have a few tips to help you start your own book club. Choose a book, gather your friends, and read.

In this edition, the Windsong Place Apartment Homes Blog has a few tips to help you start your own book club. It’s a great way to spend time with friends, enjoy good food, and discuss books you may not have read otherwise. Gather your friends, choose a date, and start your own book club here in Williamsville, NY this month.


Create & Organize

The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re starting your book club is when and where you will be holding your meetings. Have each member of your book club vote on the best time and day to meet each month. Google Forms are a great way to create a survey to help you determine just when you should be meeting. Your Windsong Place apartment is perfect for smaller groups. For a larger group, schedule our clubhouse to meet in. Stay organized by establishing an email list, a Facebook page, or other means of announcing books and meetings.


Choose Books

Also, remember to consult the members of your group when choosing which book to read. We think that having your friends nominate books and vote on what to read is an awesome way to choose which books to read each month. Make sure your books are short enough for group members to finish and meaty enough to talk about for at least twenty minutes. For fun, rate your book each month and see how it fares. Keep track on a Google Sheet that everyone can access.


Add Food

Food is an integral part of many book groups. It is a social activity after all. Organize a signup sheet for food, because talking about books and eating certainly go together. Remember to include both savory, sweet, and healthy options when it comes to eats.


Bookish, Penguin, and Real Simple have some great ideas to help you start your club; however, if setting up a book club doesn’t appeal to you, there’s another option. Join the Village Book Club, it meets at the Williamsville Branch of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library on Thursday evenings.


We hope you enjoyed our post this time. Visit us again to read about some books you may want to read this summer.