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Playground Etiquette at Windsong Place Apartments

playground equipment

We know our residents here at Windsong Place Apartments appreciate the amenities we provide, and we are happy we are able to add amenities that bring a whole, new well-rounded meaning to apartment living here in Williamsville, NY. Those amenities include our kids activity zone playground and toddler playground. Read today’s blog to remind yourself and any little ones you’re bringing to the playground of important tips for staying safe.


Watch your kids.

You don’t have to be watching your kid like a hawk to ensure their safety. It’s probably a bit too unrealistic to expect that of yourself, or to even be able to constantly prevent any bad thing from happening to a child you’re caring for. But stay aware of the situation and be ready to respond and intervene when necessary. Socialize with other adults if you get bored or, better yet, help your child play. It can be a great bonding opportunity.


Be prepared.

Know your child and what they need, and know what accidents you should prepare for so you can be confident that you’re ready to handle any mishaps that occur. Keep packed a bag of emergency supplies and a trash bag for incidents, and any snacks you or your child love and water for refueling.


Encourage positive behaviors.

Just as accidents are common in play areas, so too are tiffs among children. Teach your kids to share playground equipment, to patiently wait their turn, and to respect others. A lot of this will obviously be taught elsewhere, but it’s always important to remind kids too. Encouraging healthy habits empowers children to act responsibly and deescalates possibly tense situations.


Spending time at the playground is all about the fun! Take time to engage with your child; immerse yourself in an imaginative game, push the swing, help your child be adventurous, take some cute pictures to share. Thanks for being an awesome member of our community