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How to Make Valentine's Day Special for Anyone

A woman holding mittened hands with a heart stitched into them over a man's eyes; both of them are wearing scarves.

Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few weeks! For some people, this is a beloved holiday that lets them partake in and enjoy some love. For others, it can be a difficult time. Make it special, no matter who you’re spending it with or how you have felt about it in the past, by treating yourself and others, in or out of your Windsong Place Apartment in Williamsville, NY. Try some of these ideas to have a great time!

Make plans.

Before the big day comes, you should be prepared for it! Just the act of setting aside time for something — whether it’s for yourself or someone else — makes it so you are more likely to do that thing, and to do it wholeheartedly, without worrying that you’re missing out on other obligations. This lets you truly bask in whatever you’re doing, helping you do it for the right reasons and appreciate the spirit of the holiday. This spirit behind your action is what will resonate with whoever you’re interacting with, making it that much more special.

Serve others.

Looking outward is a great way to bring in the warm fuzzies. Look for ways to serve someone else this month, whether it’s related to Valentine’s Day or not! Service ideas can include anything from donating your clothes to a shelter, thrift store, or a specific person in need to making a meal or treat for a neighbor who could use some cheering up. Donate funds, donate your time, or just be present with whoever you’re spending the day with. It will make a difference!

Make it a day about you.

Of course, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be something people can only joy with others. If you need some time to rest and recuperate from the week, set aside time to treat yourself. Do whatever helps you refresh and feel good about yourself. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods throughout the day, and indulge in a light treat so you can feel great without going overboard.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day or make it special as you go about the day? Let us know in the comments! We hope you enjoy these ideas or any others you have this month. Happy Valentine’s Day!