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Capitalizing on Storage Space at Windsong Place Apartments

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Windsong Place Apartments brings a lot of amenities to the table, including walk-in closets in our apartments. We also offer additional storage units for our residents, so storage is very doable here. However, we all know there comes a time when downsizing our stuff makes sense. So today we have some tips about just how to do that to make more room for the things you love in your Williamsville, NY apartment.


While you may not want to join the minimalist lifestyle, there are some key elements that can be beneficial for anyone to adopt. One of those ideas is that living with less simplifies your life and helps you to focus on the things that are truly important. Our attention gets pulled many different ways, and minimalism seeks to reduce that amount. One way to reduce the mental stress is to reduce clutter in our lives. Many minimalists believe their life is less stressful and more free to do the things they’ve wanted to. So take a page from the minimalist book and take full advantage of the storage and living space Windsong Place Apartments offers.

Practical Applications

Use the STEP (Store, Throw away, Eliminate, Put away) method for sorting through your belongs as you tackle reducing what is in your apartment.

  1. Store away. This is where our storage units are helpful. Store things here that you want to keep but only use periodically.

  2. Throw away. If it’s ruined, if it has missing parts, or if it’s broken, toss it.

  3. Eliminate. Give the item a new home with a friend who can use it. Or donate it to a second-hand store or a shelter.

  4. Put away. For everything else, create a home for it and put it there.

Going Forward

Maintain your progress. Hold yourself accountable by choosing a day or series of days in which you’ll work to minimize and organize the clutter and excess in your life. Give yourself a timeline for when you want to be finished with your initial purge of stuff you don’t need or love. If you work better by having someone else hold you accountable, ask a friend for help going through your things and have them follow up with you when you’re on your own later.

What are your best tips for organizing and downsizing? Let us know in the comments so everyone in our apartment community can benefit. We hope you take a weekend (or two) in September to do some downsizing. We appreciate the good care you take of your apartment!