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Better Breakfast Month at Windsong Place

Breakfast hash with a fried egg on top


Welcome back to the Windsong Place Apartments Blog! Today we want to celebrate a unique month-long holiday everyone can get on board with Better Breakfast Month! Breakfast often goes forgotten or rushed, or even packed with excess sugar. Today we want to help you start your days off right. Try these four recipes and get inspired for treating yourself to a month of better breakfasts here in Williamsville, NY!

Broiled Grapefruit with Honey and Bananas

If you never thought you could transform that bitter grapefruit into something amazing, then this is the recipe to prove you wrong. Just a little bit of cinnamon and honey, plus bananas, to take plain grapefruit to a whole new level of healthy breakfasts. You might not go back to plain grapefruit ever again.

Italian Baked Eggs

With just a five-minute prep time and ten-minute cook time, this recipe will have you never skipping breakfast again. It’s super easy, too: all you have to do is throw marinara sauce into a small dish (the author uses two 10-ounce ramekins), top with eggs, milk, cheese, and salt and pepper to taste. Then bake and help yourself! We love the suggestion of dipping bread in it, too.

Healthy Pineapple Smoothie with Banana

With only five ingredients, you can make a healthy, vegan smoothie recipe that anyone is sure to love. Just use fresh cut pineapple, banana, carrots, orange juice, and water for a smoothie that looks like sunshine! The sweet and tangy flavors of orange, pineapple, and banana balance out the healthier carrot taste, so it’s a good way to drink something healthy yet tasty for breakfast.

Avocado Toast with Pomegranate Salsa

This toast looks like a party you won’t regret making some time for. Make the flavorful pomegranate salsa with pomegranate arils (which you can buy alone or get from a pomegranate), mint, parsley, balsamic vinegar, orange zest and orange juice, diced jalapeno, minced shallot, and a bit of sea salt. Once that’s mixed and your avocado spread is prepared, you can put it all together and top with some crumbly and tasty goat cheese.

Of course, if you’re not a fan of avocados or even the idea of a pomegranate salsa, check out these 10 delicious reasons (toast alternatives) to break up with avocado toast.

What are your favorite breakfasts, healthy or not? What are your favorite hacks for making a good morning meal? Share with the rest of us in our apartment community so we can try them out. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!